WOD Wednesday 8.9.17

Parallette/Plate Stack HSPU
10 singles:
-start at lockout + :05 negative + :03 pause at flat (where head is same height as hands/parallettes/plates) + :05 negative to floor.
-if you can’t do the pause, use a spotter at pause when head is even with hands

Level 2:  
10 Eccentric HS -Lower to Ab Mat(s) in as much time as possible
Level 3:
3-4 sets:
HS Hold for max time
-rest as needed between sets

Free Standing Shoulder taps:
30 seconds max reps with
60 seconds rest.

Level 2:  30 seconds shoulder taps against wall-
Level 3:  1 Wall walk x 3

Single Arm KB presses
3 sets::
10/arm as heavy as possible
Rest 1 minute between sets

Divide And Conquer the following at a 75% Intensity (15 min max)
20 Battle Rope Burpees
40 Toes thru Rings
60 Wall Balls
80 Russian Step Ups -40 R/40 L
100 Banded Tricep Extensions
-Can go in any order that you wish as long as you keep moving.

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