WOD Thursday 7.13.17

1 Halting Clean Grip DL every 20 seconds x 6
3 second hold at the hang position
Use 90%1RM of your Clean as long as form is solid

1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk
-ALL sets at 75%
-set up in Wave format, work on solid technique and self correction

3 sets:
4 OHS @ 22X1 tempo @ light/moderate loading…paying attention to the FULL Squat and OH position in the 2 second hold in the rock bottom
-more about positioning than weight please
Rest 1:30 between sets

6-8 sets @ high effort: (depending on time available)
3 HSPU (L2 Toes on Box), (L3 Knees on Box)
6 Box Jumps
9 Double Unders (3-6 Attempts)
-Rest 1 minute between sets

*Squat Challenge

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