Suzie Llewellyn – Nutrition Journey

Suzie has really committed to the nutrition process and tried everything we threw at her.  Her participation in the group has been invaluable.  She has totally transformed and it’s evident in her mindset and gains in the gym.  I highly recommend reading Suzie’s full journey.  She is very honest with her feelings of not knowing what to do, being afraid to start due to thinking she would just fail anyways, trusting the process, and even though it’s simple, it’s not always easy.  You have been a joy to coach, congratulations Suzie!

* My nutrition Journey *

I have always been active, My eating was not bad (I did take my lunch “sticks & berries” as my co workers called it for 25 years of my Law enforcement career).
That being said – it was basically the same thing every tour, I prepped it every 4 days. I can blame my OCD for that routine! My two days off I thought that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted to because I was “deprived” for those days I prepped for.
I have been at CCF for over 16 years and have dabbled in the nutrition (weather it be PALEO, KETO, whole 30)
I failed at most everything – something was missing and I had no idea what. I blamed it on my two day off spree!! I lived with it. Happy days and sad days. The scale was always up and down.
Charlene / Cindy started a nutrition group again and I thought to myself WHY BOTHER, I know I am setting myself up for failure.
I toyed with it a little on my own but knew it was time because let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger! I am 52, but feel the best I have ever felt. I joined Charlene’s group! We started with trying to get 800g of fruit and veg a day in our bodies (on paper it looked unachievable, but I grabbed a $10 food scale and WOW! I ate over that most days !! In addition to that we tried to get our protein number (MACROS) given to you by a one time meeting with Charlene.
The first 8 weeks we met a couple times at the box (felt like therapy which seems did us ALL good! Thank you Cindy  We learned a lot about others whom we never would have with out this group. The food porn (can I say that) FB page was amazing. We all got outstanding recipes from each other. Super simple as well!!! That is imperative on success !
Fasting took place after the 8 weeks of getting in the groove of eating enough protein – Fruits – Veg. This is where my body changed. It was a struggle at first but with a group we all had each other to lean on when we felt like we couldn’t make it – weather it be 8,12,16 or 24 hours without food !! Thank you all for letting me vent. HANGRY Suzie may have reared her ugly side. “sorry I was hungry”
That being said, Group nutrition is the way to go. Charlene and Cindy are amazing And extremely knowledgeable. Sometimes I watch their mouths move because I dont understand their verbal nutrition expertise but they help with explaining it so you can make it work for you, and it does.
We can all enjoy what foods we love as long as it fits in your numbers given to you. My fitness pal has every food imaginable (even twizzlers)  and it calculates it all for you FREE!
No brainer – It took my a while to jump on the group but I’m very pleased with the results. It was not always EASY and it will not happen in a week or even three. TRUST THE PROCESS.
A BONUS, Your WODS feel that much better!!!
I won’t lie, it technically took me a little less than 8 months to loose 20#. I am 10 away from my goal! Who’s with me!