Spotlight Athlete – Michele Brokmeier

Congratulations Michele, April’s member of the month! Michele is a stand out athlete due to her radiating positive energy. She comes into every class super motivated and her optimism encourages others in the class to do their best as well. She is also always cheering on other athletes and making everyone smile. Michelle is super coachable, willing and inviting of any new information to help her improve as an athlete.

What do you do for work?  

I am, and have been for just over 40 years, a legal secretary. Twenty-nine of those years have been in Boston.

What would you like us to know about you and your family?

 I have been married to my best friend, Beth, for 3.5 years now, although we have been friends for almost 20 years.  We are enjoying and proud parents of our new puppy, Amber.  We also have two cats, Kirby and Cricket.   I have three grandsons who are my pride and joy, Joseph, Joshua and Justin.  

What is one thing that we may not know about you? 

 This is probably the hardest question for me to answer as I am not typically good about answering these types of questions, which I guess is something you don’t know about me. 

How long have you been CrossFitting? 

This is a funny question to me.  It seems like forever.  However, there have been many hiatuses, three different boxes (2 which I have loved – Cynergy being 1).  I think I started in MAYBE 2010.  Most of the hiatuses have been because of training for something else and not being able to fit CF in.  CrossFit has never left my heart though. 

 What time do you typically train? 

I am currently doing ALF, which I love although work gets in the way more than I would like.  However, Boot Camp is starting in a few weeks…. you will definitely see me there.

What is your favorite lift and why? 

My favorite lift?  Not really sure.  I suppose I am a fan of deadlift.  It is one of the lifts I have done well with. 

What is your favorite WOD and why?  Probably ANNIE.  I like workouts with core as focus!

What are your current life goals?  

I am looking to retire as soon as possible in order to enjoy more of what life has to offer while I am still healthy enough to do it.  My main goal is to stay as fit as I can so I can jump into anything on a moments notice.  Game on!!!!

What is your most memorable time as a CrossFitter? 

Easy!  I participated in CrossFit Southie Games many many years ago (and I lovingly look back on it and smile – not because I was good, instead because I was so horrible).  I had one of THE best days being part of such a fun time. It is probably the sole reason I don’t have a problem walking back into a box after being away for a while.

How has CF impacted your life outside of the box? 

 This is probably answered a bit above.  I can honestly say that I am PROUD to be a CrossFit athlete so it does provide a sense of confidence I might not otherwise have.

Any additional comments: 

The fact that I was considered as spotlight athlete came as a shock.   I am truly grateful for the welcoming environment Cindy and Keith have created and those they have surrounded themselves with to make this box a pretty special place.

2 Rounds of 14 exercises for 1 Min Max reps of the following:
Air Squats
Push Press
Push Ups
Lunge Steps
Bench Press
Jump Rope
Plate Walk
Ring Rows
Box Jumps
Sit Ups
Box Dips
Up Downs
100m Run
then repeat…