Spotlight Athlete – Clyde Matta

Clyde is May’s Spotlight Athlete because he’s such an amazing athlete with such determination and I can relate to his journey. He never gives up. He always has a smile on his face and he always has something to say to somebody. We couldn’t think of an athlete at this time that deserved it more than him. Clyde is an amazing human and used 415 pounds, which is the significance of his “415 WOD”.  Clyde has lost almost #200!  We are so proud of him, and love to see him continuing on his wellness journey! 

What do you do for work?

I own and operate 2 Metro By T-Mobile stores. One on Crescent St in Brockton and recently one in South Bay plaza in Boston. 

What would you like us to know about you and your family?

I have a beautiful wife Vanessa of 5 years and we have been together since 2008. My step son is Tito who comes to the gym with me for 6am classes. I have my 2 dogs named Charlie and Bella (Bella who I actually found on the way to try Cynergy). I was born and raised in Brockton and still live here. I am Lebanese my family immigrated in 1978. I do speak Arabic as well but it’s not the best. 

What is one thing that we may not know about you?

I use to weigh 415lbs that was about 13 years ago. 

How long have you been CrossFitting?

Since May 2018

 What time do you typically train?

6am class!

What is your favorite lift and why? 

Power Clean – I feel like it’s my best movement and I think it’s the coolest one to do. 

What is your favorite WOD and why?

I’m not the best at remembering WODS but recently I really liked doing the K9 Kitt wod. I really like the mixture of movements and the meaning behind the rounds and reps. I love animals especially dogs. When doing hero WODS, I think about the hero and it helps me get through it. 

What are your current life goals?

Try to spend more time with my Family, while maintaining my business going to CrossFit focusing on my Nutrition and Playing lots of Pickleball!

What is your most memorable time as a CrossFitter?

At my first CrossFit Gym WorkPlay. I never ran a mile in my life prior. One day there was a WOD that started and ended with the mile. I never thought I would be able to do it. The coach that day Robo kept on cheering me on telling me I could do it. I ran both miles without stopping!

How has CF impacted your life outside of the box?

A lot of CrossFit WODS seem crazy to do. They can be a lot at times. Getting through them has helped me in everyday life. I’ve developed a mental grit from it. I believe if I did not start CrossFit in 2018 I would’ve sold my business a long time ago. It’s helped me physically but mentally even more so with the everyday stresses of life.

Any additional comments: I love being at Cynergy CrossFit!

Please create your own WOD:


For Time

50 burpees 

100 single unders

50 abmat sit ups

15 power cleans 135/105

50 abmat sit ups

100 single unders

50 burpees