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The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.
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Our CrossFit classes are inventive, ever-changing, high intensity workouts that challenge even the fittest of athletes. They are designed to produce results by combining Olympic and power lifts, gymnastics, rowing and running. Whether your goals are to improve health, lose weight, gain strength or perform better, CrossFit training works. > REGISTER
Beginners CrossFit consists of 4 classes that take you through the basic movements used in our training program, as well as, review proper form and body mechanics. These classes focus on CrossFit methods, terms, movements and lifts, as well as safety, scaling, and general fitness preparedness. The goal of these classes is to prepare you for success in our CrossFit classes. > REGISTER
ALF is a CrossFit-style, boot camp workout focused on conditioning and endurance through running, rowing, calisthenics, with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, sleds, tires, and bodyweight movements. ALF is great for weight-loss, extra conditioning, or as an intro to CrossFit without complex Olympic lifts or high skill gymnastics. Offered 4 days/week. No CrossFit experience required. > REGISTER
Cynergy Kids is structured fun — teaching discipline, respect, sportsmanship and learning proper technique for kids ages 5-11. Coached by Coach Jen Tully, a Moderate Special Needs Teacher, M.Ed. at Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton and Coach Abby Rapoza, studying Elementary & Special Education at Bridgewater State University. — Download Flyer  > REGISTER
Cynergy is offering mutli-week training sessions for youth ages 12-15, grades 5th - 9th. These programs are for boys and girls and offered 2 days a week.  Coached by Charlene Pifer and Scott Pifer> REGISTER
Cynergy LIVE (which stands for Longevity, Independence, Vitality & Engagement) is designed for anyone interested in increasing mobility and strength as they age. These classes focus on strength and stamina, coordination and balance, flexibility and posture, confidence and self-esteem. > REGISTER
Cynergy Boot Camp is offered onsite (April - July) at 4-week intervals. > REGISTER

Personal Training

Remote. Adaptive. Custom.
by Cynthia Brown
"Cindy is like the teacher that does not favor the best, brightest or strongest; but instead, sees potential in all that are willing to lay it down and choose to make a difference in their lives. It is evident that Cindy is willing to go above and beyond if the individual is willing to do the same."
Training programs uniquely designed around your personal goals, current fitness level, availability and access to equipment. You will be held accountable, encouraged and supported throughout the process.

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