WOD Thursday 6.22.17

Gymnastics Skills:
10 minutes:
10 ft HS walk (L2-practice balancing on your hands. Use the wall to kick up then try to pull your feet off of the wall)
When you are learning, you will fall a lot and you will only take 1 or 2 steps at a time. The goal is to spend time kicking up and just spending quality time finding the right balance. If you need have a spotter.

5 sets:
5 Strict Chin-ups -supinated hands (use a spotter if you can’t go unbroken.)

3 sets:
12 Ring pushups, hollow, externally rotate hands on lockout

Odd: 20 KBS 1/5/1
Even: 12 Burpees

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WOD Wednesday 6.21.17

Shoulder Press
Wendler Cycle 3 Week 4-Deloading
Warm up set:
1 set of 10 @ 30%
Working Sets:
2 sets:
5 @ 40%
Rest-1 min
2 sets:
5 @ 50%
Rest-1 Min
2 sets:
5 @ 60%

AMRAP 20 in teams of 2
3 HSPU (L2 1 Wall walk)
9 Wall Balls
27 Double Unders (L2 12 Attempts)
One athlete will run 400m while the other completes the AMRAP
The athletes will then switch with the athlete coming off the run takes over where the other athlete left off

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Dennis Maloney

Congratulations Dennis Maloney on achieving and exceeding your goals during the past 12 weeks. Your hard work and perseverance through some job related obstacles, rewarded you with some great results – physical and performance-wise.

Physical Changes

  • Lost 10 pounds
  • Lost 5% bodyfat
  • Gained 2.9% muscle
  • Lost 6 years body age
  • Lost 3.25 inches – Waist
  • Lost 2 inches – Hips

What was your expectation?

After seeing so much success from other members at Cynergy I wanted to try the TCL program. I have made great gains since I started CF 2 1/2 years ago but I wanted to see what would happen if I cleaned up my eating and really pushed myself would it make a difference. I also wanted to support my WOD partner Layla who was starting her second 12 week TCL cycle. With us both supporting each other and working on the food prep it made sense to do it now. My primary goal was not losing weight but more with losing my pot belly. I have been pretty lean my whole life but I have had for some time a little beer/ice cream belly and wanted to get rid of it.

Did we meet your expectations?

Yes! The program definitely met and exceeded my expectations. My pot belly is gone and I have visible abs now which I am very happy about. I feel a lot leaner and my clothes fit me better.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

Food preparation is the key. I work most weekends and sometimes it’s a struggle to get to the supermarket and do the food prep for the week. The weeks that I did the best were the ones where I was off on Sunday and was able to food shop and do the prep for the week. When I grabbed food on the fly because I was working a double shift I did not hit my numbers and did not feel as well as when I did the food prep on my own. I also learned that my diet was very carb rich and protein poor. I cut back on the carbs that I was eating as part of my daily routine and made sure that I had protein with every meal and added a shake every day with 50 grams of protein.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

During this 12 weeks I was also training for a half marathon and did several long runs during that time. I ran my first half last October and was very disappointed with my time and almost immediately signed up for one this May in Boston. I trained more this time around and that, combined with my healthy eating/fueling, took 22 minutes off my time and my recovery was so much better. During the 12 weeks, I cut way back on my alcohol consumption and increased my protein intake and I think that made a huge difference.

I have reached my goals and plan to begin maintenance.


For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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WOD Tuesday 6.20.17

Back Squats
Wendler Cycle 3 Week 4-Deloading

Warm up set:
1 set of 10 @ 30%
Working Sets:
2 sets:
5 @ 40%
Rest-1 min
2 sets:
5 @ 50%
Rest-1 Min
2 sets:
5 @ 60%

Wtd Russian Step Ups -Right Leg (use BB in back rack position-Moderate/Light loading)
Wtd Russian Step Ups- Left
GHD Sit Ups (L2 Butterfly sit ups)
Calorie Row
*Compare to April 3

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Jim Scanlon

Congratulations to Jim Scanlon on a very successful 12 weeks!  Jim’s incredible attention to the cause and effect of his actions has brought about so much valuable learning for him!  It has been an absolute pleasure working with him and I look forward to what the next 12 weeks will bring!  Keep up the great work Jimmy!

Physical Changes:
Lost 21 pounds
Lost 1.5% body fat
Gained .9% muscle
Lost 2.25 inches – waist
Lost  1.75 inches – hips
Lost   2.75 inch – chest

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?
My only expectation was to get back towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Having read what others had shared I saw that this wasn’t just a weight loss program. I bought into what I read in the handbook about eating and training like an athlete.

I had success in the past with the Paleo diet. After a sizeable weight loss I started to regain some. Forgive me for being human. It’s a condition I’ve struggled with since birth. With this I don’t feel deprived of anything and as long as I budget wisely nothing is really off limits. The first thing I noticed was my energy level increasing. Why not put that extra energy into challenging myself at workouts? It’s been paying off in a fairly big way. I’m feeling younger both mentally and physically. Strength wise, I found a few of my lifts I’m doing AMRAPS with weights that are closing in on my PR’s. Not bad for an old guy.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?
The first thing I did was not compare any results I have with the results of what I read from other members. We’re all different. Any positive results would still be a positive change for me. Learning to navigate the many obstacles we face in every day life is big. As a firefighter I had a few good ones as we all have. One day I packed food for a 24 hour shift and ended staying for 48. Good thing I left a scale at work. Various training schedules and some sleepless nights were things that I had to adapt to.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
I’d say my greatest accomplishment was having the courage to put myself first. I think a lot of people know exactly what I mean. Often times we want to do for others and find ourselves neglecting our own needs. Why wouldn’t people who depend on us, want us to be at our best? Not being afraid to put others on hold has allowed me to be in a better place personally.

For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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