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Daily Coaching

The daily programming provided on Cynergy CrossFit is FREE.  Our athletes range in age from 5 to 65, with multiple levels of ability. Although our programming appears to be random, it is actually carefully designed and structured with purpose; incorporating auxiliary and progressive training to maximize results. This programming will get any “body” in great shape!

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Need to make some improvement in your life?

Whether those improvements mean getting stronger, getting fitter, changing your mindset, improving range of motion, healing an injury, or that you just prefer a private session, personal coaching and remote coaching are definitely options to consider.

Personal Coaching

Need something more then our normally scheduled classes?

Each session starts with a detailed assessment of your current fitness abilities and if needed some testing. Once the information is analyzed we design a program based on your specific goals, your schedule, your available equipment and your ability.


Cynergy CrossFit Coach Cynthia Brown
One-on-One Coaching
$50/hour $75/hour
Package Pricing
10 Sessions — $450 $675
20 Sessions — $800 $1200
Small Group*
1 on 2 — $90 ($45 per person) $140
1 on 3 — $120 ($40 per person) $195
1 on 4 — $140 ($35 per person) $240

*All members must be present at the time of training.

All packages are paid upfront and in full.

Remote Coaching

Can’t get to our gym? Try Remote Coaching with Cynthia Brown!

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Cindy is like the teacher that does not favor the best, brightest or strongest; but instead, sees potential in all that are willing to lay it down and choose to make a difference in their lives. It is evident that Cindy is willing to go above and beyond if the individual is willing to do the same.

My expectations of you

  • Prepare written goals that are important to you
  • Possess a strong desire to improve and a willingness to do what is required
  • Follow the programming you receive each week
  • Submit a summary email every week including your weights, times, etc. for the day, along with any concerns and/or comments regarding your work
  • Maintain a training log for your records
  • Make timely payments of your monthly fees via Paypal (a link will be provided; payable on the 1st).

What is provided by me, your coach

  • AssessmentFREE initial assessment and consultation about your nutrition, lifestyle, physical capabilities, and overall goals.
  • Quality Programming and Training — customized fitness program based on your assessments and overall goals.
  • Ongoing support — online support via email and reassessment every 6-8 weeks based on your progress.

Other Coaching Services

Cynergy CrossFit also provides the following coaching services:

Ready to get started?

Coaching Services

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8 reasons why you need a coach

1. Getting past the intimidation of group classes

Some people don’t like group classes, too many things going on at once. Personal training helps you build comfort and confidence working in the gym, specifically if you are looking to transition into group classes.

2. Working YOUR weaknesses

One-on-one training allows your coach to provide programming designed specifically for you. Suck at cardio but amazing at weightlifting? We can give you the attention needed to improve the holes in your game and focus on the aspects of fitness that you are looking for.

3. Improving technique and skills

You could use personal training to simply improve the skills and technique needed to help you move even faster and more efficiently during a workout. For example, spend an hour working on various techniques to improve your snatch or learn the progressions toward nailing your first handstand push up! Our programming is designed to improve those specific skills you are looking for.

4. Learn how to Mobilize

You know you need to stretch more, and you do the mobility suggestions in class but do you know what to do above and beyond that – and are you putting in the time required for your fitness level? If you have mobility issues, it can take forever for things to improve, therefore it is critical that you are aware of the proper and appropriate mobilization techniques for your specific situation.


Yes, there is a lot of emphasis on this one… accountability is huge! You’ve made the first big step: you signed up for a membership. Congratulations! Now, make that investment work for you. Showing up a few times a week is a start, but it isn’t going to give you the best return on your investment – financial AND personal. Personal training will help keep you accountable and motivated as well as provide you with faster results!

6. Achieve your goals

Working with a coach can help you work towards achieving your goals. Want to feel good, look good, be healthier? Whatever reasons you have for training, we can make sure you get there.

7. Competition

Sometimes we have athletes that need supplementary training for an upcoming event. Whether it be the CrossFit Open, a power lifting meet, a marathon, the Tough Mudder or the Spartan Race, we can prepare you!

8. Injured/Disabled

Injuries are part of life, but they do not need to stop you from pursuing your fitness. I have worked around knee replacements, shoulder surgeries, achilles, broken hands, bad knees, etc. I have also worked with a paraplegic. If there is a will, there is a way. Your fitness does not need to stop due to an injury or setback. We can work around anything!

Want to take the guesswork out of your training?

You need a plan. You need a Coach.
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Some programs include:

  • Power lifting for a meet
  • Rehabilitation programming after injury
  • Tough Mudder & Spartan Races
  • The CrossFit Open & Games
  • Auxiliary training for extra work on complex gymnastics movements
  • Preparation for PT (physical training test) for military and for first responder’s testing
  • Sports-specific training for youth sports (football)
  • Strength training for fat loss
  • Strength training for a paraplegic


Masters Athlete

After college, life changed and building a business and a family left little time for running. Although I continued to “run” I became an out-of-shape 42 year old that was 20 pounds heavier than I am today. I knew it was time to re-prioritize my life.

After 6 months with a personal trainer I lost 20 pounds and felt as though I wanted to make time again for my health. I’d heard of CrossFit and still remember the day I called Cynergy and spoke to Cindy for the first time (that was over four years ago.) I quickly developed a great respect for Cindy as an athlete, business person, and coach. Cindy has a great deal of strength as a person (and I am not speaking of her obvious physical strength) that is evident when you meet her. Cindy is focused, considerate and empathetic to all levels of the athletes that she trains. Cindy is like the teacher that does not favor the best, brightest or strongest; but instead, sees potential in all that are willing to lay it down and choose to make a difference in their lives. It is evident that Cindy is willing to go above and beyond if the individual is willing to do the same.

Over the past 10 months I have been receiving personalized training from Cindy in an effort to reach my full potential as a CrossFit athlete. Every Sunday I look forward to receiving my weekly training schedule from Cindy that has been tailored for me. Over this period with Cindy’s guidance and attention I have seen a significant improvement in my “numbers” as I have been getting stronger and building my endurance levels. If I did not have a coach that understood the big picture and the path to reach my goals I would probably just flounder, lose interest or get injured. What a difference the right coach makes.

Have I tested Cindy?…Sure I have as I am still a very head strong person. On a couple of occasions I did not follow her her prescribed workout as I felt as though I thought I knew what was better for me on a particular day. Although she did not make me run home to think about my error (as my high school coach had done) she did calmly approach me after the fact and explained that there is a science to the planning of her workouts for me. Cindy explained why I should have done it the way it was prescribed. In my mind this is the mark of a good coach, substance, science, a good plan with a bit of patience as well.

Over the years, I have learned that time is precious. We only have so much of it and for me the time I have spent training under Cindy has made me a stronger, healthier and happier person. In my mind that is time well spent…

I have been participating in the Cynergy Private Training Program for about a year now and cannot say enough positive things about my experience with it. I decided to try the program after deciding that I wanted to focus my training more on the Olympic Lifts, with the objective of competing in a meet some day. When Cindy explained to me how the program worked, I knew it was the right approach for me. The classes and general programming at Cynergy are amazing and always top notch, but as I discussed with Cindy, when you have specific goals and specific time lines, sometimes you need a specific personal program to accomplish them. Furthermore, when your schedule tends to be variable like mine, you need a training program that accommodates that as well.

My experience with the Private Training Program has been outstanding and I am truly a better athlete and person because of it. Having Cindy write a personal program for me to follow each week with my specific goals and focus areas in mind has had a huge impact on my training. Prior to starting the program, although I would try to make it to class at least a few times a week, my training was definitely inconsistent and there were weeks where I wouldn’t train at all. In the program, knowing that each week Cindy reviews my results from the previous week, and takes the time to write the program for the next week, gives an extra layer of accountability for me, pushing me not to miss a day, and to work harder at each training session. Since starting the training program, I have only missed one training day the entire time. Furthermore, as a result of the program, my Olympic lifts have improved significantly, in both technique, and overall weights, with large PRs in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

About 6 months ago, I injured my back, which was a slight detour in my training. During my recovery, Cindy has worked very closely with myself, and my Physical Therapist, to modify my program to accommodate the healing process. We have worked to correct the improper movement patterns that caused the injury and to strengthen the muscles that had weakened and become unbalanced. This personal attention to detail has made all the difference in my recovery. I am now back to lifting, and because of the superb programming, was able to retain much of the strength I had built before the injury and add additional strength in weak areas.

The Private Training program has truly been an invaluable experience and I am amazed at what I have been able to accomplish while participating in it. I look forward to the future goals I will achieve as I continue to work with such an excellent coach and an exceptional program.

I began working with Cindy as part of the “hire a coach” option during my second session of The Cynergistic Life (TCL). I made some progress setting up my goals during my first session of TCL, but I needed some extra help defining my goals and moving forward with them. Cindy was great to work with and encouraged me to really think about my goals and helped me come up with an action plan. After completing my second session with TCL, I signed up for life coaching with Cindy since I knew she would be the right person to encourage and help me to continue working towards my goals. From the moment I began working with Cindy, she has gone above and beyond what I expected from a life coach, and has continued to help me define my goals and achieve some victories along the way.

After working together for a few months, Cindy asked if I would be willing to try private programming to better help me achieve my goals. I decided to give it a try and have been following a private program that Cindy has been writing for me since the end of June. For the first time since I joined CCF I am regularly working out five times a week, which is huge for me since I was constantly starting and stopping my training. At first it was hard doing my own workout instead of the WOD everyone else was doing, but with Cindy’s encouragement I quickly got used to it. Cindy has been great about knowing what I can do (even when I don’t know it myself) and providing feedback on some challenges I have faced. I definitely feel stronger, not only physically but also mentally.

I still have a long way to go on reaching some of my goals, but I know that I will get there with Cindy’s help. I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling with achieving their goals to talk to Cindy about life coaching and private programming. Working with Cindy has given me the confidence to believe in myself and keep achieving my goals.

A huge “thank you” to Cindy Brown and Cynergy CrossFit for the remote 10-week training program they put together for Hakiim over the summer to prepare him for the upcoming youth football season (in Michigan).

Cindy worked closely with us to develop a customized program based on Hakiim’s goals and the equipment we had available.

In just 3 hours a week over 10 weeks, Hakiim dramatically improved his quickness, strength, agility and self confidence. His performance on the field has impressed his coaches and given him an advantage over his team mates.

Since I’m not a coach I was concerned about being able to give him the right direction, but Cindy sent me a detailed workout schedule each week with links to videos that demonstrated the right form. She was also available if I had questions about the work out.

All she asked me to do was send her Hakiim’s results each week so she could record and track his progress throughout the summer.

I recommend Cynergy’s remote training program to anyone who requires a flexible schedule and can’t make it to gym several times a week!

Hakiim rushing

After injuring my back lifting 3 or so years ago, I tried very hard to rehab and get myself back but unfortunately the threshold for re-injury kept getting lower and the frequency kept getting shorter. I had times when I was unable to stand up straight and worst of all times when picking my son out of his crib was impossible. I ultimately had found myself resigned to stiffness and pain while not moving much aside from occasional yoga in order to not trigger an issue. This of course, was not physically enjoyable and was also not a comfortable mental state to accept. My wife has remained dedicated to CrossFit (despite several long distance moves) and in talking to Cindy while my wife worked out, she offered to put me into a program to get me moving again.

To be brief, I am moving again and getting stronger again. I’m finding out what works and what doesn’t. Where once I was afraid of doing anything in fear of injuring myself, I am now excited to keep progressing (slowly) and testing myself. When I was doing WODs most days, I used to love this part of my life. I then thought that I’d never be there again. Cindy has been the catalyst and fuel to regain this aspect of my life again and that has been incredibly rewarding. I’m not breaking any world records or even personal records. In fact, I’m not yet even doing many exercises that I once loved. I am however, fulfilling my desire to challenge myself (both physically and mentally), to improve myself and most importantly to move my way back to health. I’m doing new exercises every week. I squatted for the first time in over a year two weeks ago. I have hope that I’ll be reclaiming most if not all of the exercises that I thought I might never do again. In the meantime, I’m happily chasing my little sons around and living life to my fullest.