Celebrating 10 years of Deb Pierce at Cynergy

Well as you know I’m never lost for words.. but when there is so much to say I don’t know where to begin about my 10 years with Cynergy… but I do know that I have enjoyed walking into the gym 6 days a week knowing that either someone is gonna either yell at me or make me laugh!  I have met the greatest people some of which I call very good friends.  I can’t thank  you and the Cynergy community enough for all the fun and crazy things I have endured during the past 10 years.  Never in my right mind would I have done these workouts/competitions on my own without the support of the community.  But throughout it all I have laughed and at times cried knowing that the community was there by my side cheering me on!  I can’t imagine life without it!

Thank you so much Cindy, and for all the coaches that have had to deal with me the past 10 years.  I hope I can keep it up for another 10.

Debbie Pierce

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