TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Christina DiPrete

A BIG Congrats to Christina DiPrete for a text book transformation on her 12 weeks!  Her dedication to the plan, her trust in her abilities and her adherance to the goals she set for herself are evident in her results!  Loved working with you Christina and look forward to what is to come!

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?
Prior to starting this program, I thought I would lose weight. I had seen the success of people who had completed the program. I’m a committed person. I knew if this program brought success to others, I could do it.
I felt the support from others in the program. I never alone. Cindy was awesome. She was there every time I had a concern and answered all my questions. My macro numbers were set for me every week and I received feedback from Cindy on my progress.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?
Most importantly, I’ve learned how to eat more healthy. Before this program, my thought process was, well, I’m working out, I can eat that. I never put much thought into what I ate. I’ve totally changed my thought process of what I eat.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment is losing 26 pounds in 12 weeks. I thought I would lose weight, but never thought I would lose 26 pounds. In addition, gaining PRs in my workouts and just feeling stronger in general.

* lost 26 pounds
* lost 5.2% in body fat
* gained 2% in muscle
* lost 7 inches in my waist
* lost 5 inches in my hips
* lost 3 inches in my chest

I can’t express my gratitude for this experience. It has changed my life. I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing weight. If you stick to the numbers that are given to you, you will lose weight!


For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Laura Corkery

Congratulations to Laura Corkery for a very successful 12 weeks. Laura made every effort to stick to her numbers and make every day a good one. Even when going out to eat, she would check out the menus ahead of time, contact the restaurant to find out portion sizes or to ask for a special request. She was determined to get the most of her 12 weeks and she did!

Physical Changes

  • Lost 16 pounds
  • Lost 5.6% body fat
  • Gained 2.4% muscle
  • Lost 7 years body age
  • Reduced visceral fat by 2 points
  • Lost 3.75 inches – waist
  • Lost 3 inches – hips
  • Lost 2 inches – chest

Since last fall my weight had been creeping up.  I knew I had to reel it in, eat better, and work out.  Each post of someone finishing the TCL would amaze me, and I thought, “I wish I a) had the time, b) energy, c) will power to also do the program.  It was a vicious cycle, because I felt tired, lazy, and fat there were times I did not go to CF, imagine not working out because you felt “fat?!?” The final straw was packing for vacation, and my summer clothes would not fit. I was now ready, I would make the time, find the energy and find the will power.  I got weighed and measured 12 hours after I got home!

What have you learned about yourself throughout this process?

I was not sure what to expect, I did hope after 12 weeks I would have at least half the success as other members of the program, and I wanted my summer clothes to fit.  I thought it would be very hard, I heard about the logging, and the prep.  I also heard “trust the process”.  I also kept remembering what Cindy said about the TCL group “it is a safe place.”  So, with that in mind ,checking in with Dianne, and seeing that others had the same concerns and feelings as I did, I knew I could do this.

I liked that I could focus on macros and not calories, to me that was almost refreshing!

After my midpoint weigh in, I could not believe my numbers, I knew I lost pounds, and clothes fit better, but to see the actual numbers, well it motivated me even more!

I learned that I can accomplish something even though at first it seems impossible.  In a way, it is like a WOD.  There are times you think “no way I can do that”, and then you are driving home saying “WOW I did that!”

What goals have you achieved throughout the 12 weeks? Were there any surprises?

There are a few: The fact that I even did this, when once upon a time I thought I could not!  Saying “no, thank you” to family and friends when they are offering me more of something.  

Not indulging in all the food that we have in the cubicle world. Also, I now have a scale, measuring spoons and measuring cups at my desk.

I achieved better health, fat loss, inches lost and weight lost.  I think I was expecting to be hungry all the time or that I would have to deny myself things I really love. In this program, I was not hungry, and I could have everything that I enjoy, all I had to do was measure it.

What goals will you continue to work on?

I will continue to be more mindful of portions.  Also, to continue to use MFP as a tool.  I will continue to review menus and call restaurants ahead to plan a meal.  I will continue to weigh myself each day too, that is important to see the up and down.

What was the most powerful or life changing lesson/action for you?

Prep is the key.  I learned that what you eat really makes a difference in how you feel, and what the scale shows.   The scale can be a brat, so I tried not to take it too hard, if things did not go my way.  It amazed me it could go up two pounds as easy as down two pounds.   If I did over indulge, I would get back on track the next day. The old me would have said “Oh well let’s start again next Monday.”

It was crazy to me that if I did not hit my numbers it would mostly be in the carb area. If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said I was a Carb Queen.

Where is more learning needed?

OH there is always room for more learning.  Even though I KNOW what the scale says does not tell the full story, I still have times when I get hung up on it.  It will take a while to “unlearn” that.

For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Kelly Gumpright

Congratulations to Kelly for a fantastic 24 weeks!  She had a few setbacks along the way but never used them as an excuse.  She was always willing to do what ever she could to keep moving forward.  She made some pretty remarkable accomplishments along the way too.  She embodies confidence and strength!  Super proud of her efforts!  Well done Kelly…I loved working with you!  Continued success to you!

Physical Changes:
Lost 30 pounds
Lost 7.4% body fat
Gained 3.2% muscle
Lost 11 years in body age
Lost 6 inches – waist
Lost 7 inches – hips
Lost 5 inches – chest

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?

I had really surprised myself with what I could achieve during the first 12 weeks. Prior to starting my second 12 week programing I was really not sure what to expect. I had already lost a lot of weight and I wasn’t sure if I was going to loose more. I was still recovering from a shoulder injury so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make any gains in strength. I had hoped I would continue to loose weight even if getting back to the gym was going to be slow.
Despite not really having any expectations I was blown away with the end results. I am almost back to my weight from collage! I never thought I would see those numbers again. Losing the extra weight has made it easy to get back to the gym. My shoulder is almost at 100% again and despite the injury, I was still able to make a muscle % gain. I said it last time and I’ll say it again, the results have left me inspired and motivated for more.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

You can have your cake and eat it too… well maybe only a little bit. I learned I can still have those indulging times of pizza, burgers, and ice cream and not break the bank. Everything just needs to be in moderation.
More importantly, I also learned that every day will not always be a great day. There will be hard days where you loose motivation and can’t stand to count another macro. The bigger take away I learned is even when you can’t resist, it is easier to recover from one bad meal than one big bad day. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. You worked too hard to get where you are!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I’d like to say my biggest accomplishment would have to be getting under #165. What I didn’t realize was that also meant dropping from a size 14 to a size 6. It is such a great sensation when you put on the smaller size clothing and you realize not only does it fit but you are comfortable. You start to understand that it is not the smaller clothing that makes you feel great… it’s the boost of confidence that leaves you feeling empowered! My greatest accomplishment is how comfortable and confident I have become with myself as I go through this journey.


For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Cynthia Marie

Congratulations to Cynthia Marie on her completion of 24-weeks on TCL!  The challenges were there, but the desire was stronger than any obstacle!  Love your story Cynthia!  Thank you!!

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?
Let’s call it an Awakening.
The adventure to Peru with a group of very powerful women including, Coach Cindy sparked & ignited a Change in me. Her consistent model of healthy Nutrition & Fitness Balance was an inspiration. Living the extreme sport & outdoor thrill seeking lifestyle in Colorado has been a crazy Life-Choice for over 36 years. At the age of 56, general concern of overall health & wellness into the next phase of this journey was a mystery that I was ready to unravel. Not knowing where this extra weight, dragging energy was going, I was ready to Learn & Implement Lifestyle Choice Change. With an open mind, dedicated time was spent each day to develop the new Body that was carrying around my creativ, adventure seeking self.

During the initial 12 weeks that it took to understand the chemistry of this change & to get very close to the goal, was a full-time job, frustrating & exhausting yet exciting {because I could feel & see the Change!}. ‘Believing’ in the ‘Process’ was not exactly easy but guidance & cheering from Coach CB was the encouragement required. The knowledge base that Cynergistic Life has as a resource for their clients is invaluable. Getting right to business & tackling the issues with support from each other within our group has been truly helpful.

Adding another 12 weeks- total of 24- was critical to inclusively complete the body fat reduction, shifting & growing body muscle mass and to experiment with the ‘Maintenance Plan’.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?
Committing to a Renewed Daily Ritual of meditation, yoga, fine tuned nutrition & fitness + sleep {yes, 10 hours each night!} has aligned the body, mind & spirit! 

Understanding FOOD and the extreme importance of knowing what it DOES to the body– never dreamed I could eat so much! Learning about the Paleo Lifestyle food choice model has been fun to experiment with. Now, onto researching what food does to your brain is very interesting & concerning- the spices that can change moods, etc. I find fascinating!

What is your greatest accomplishment?
While goals are great fun setting, reaching them is the not-so-easy prize! The ‘InBody230’ report with the detailed analysis of body composition illustrated with graphs and with numbers, were the tangible results I needed to confirm the progress. This was exciting to see that in 24 weeks I was able to reach & exceed my goal into a normal ‘strong type’ model.

Finding my ‘Ritual’ to Maintain the hard work that was realized is my greatest accomplishment & the most important lesson.

For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Carol {B} Wadsworth

Congratulations to B Wadsworth on her fantastic transformation!  Her dedication to just getting back on track has not only led to some pretty amazing results but it has also provided her with tremendous learning about what she needs to do to remain successful!  Could not be more proud of her!

from B:

I recently completed 36 weeks on the program, and essentially maintained my numbers through my third session — and looking back, it was anything but smooth. I lost and gained the same 6 pounds the entire 12 weeks. But, I always got back on track. That is what living in maintenance is all about.

I was worried about maintenance, just because of my long, rocky history with weight loss and gain. The difference now is awareness. Tracking, weighing measuring. I know that helps keep me on track. And for me, I will continue to use MyFitnessPal, my food scale and my body scale for the indefinite future.

I feel too good to go back now. I remember my 260+ self all too well. I look at this picture and instantly remember living at that weight; that feeling has never left me. And I’m thankful for that because it is a constant reminder of where I don’t want to be — as well as a reminder to respect my body and my health.

I want to ease into my golden years with grace, strength and good health. I believe I have finally found the way to get there, with a little help from my TCL friends!

I still struggle. I have good days and I have bad days. I crave pizza, margarita’s, chips and chocolate. And sometimes, I give myself permission to have it.

But, I finally understand what maintenance feels like, and its not what I fantasized about. You don’t “get there” then let go and eat like you used to. For me, it still — and probably always will — require a conscious commitment.

My food choices are different than they were 36 weeks ago and I know how to navigate the grocery store and restaurant menus.  I also learned that I can eat more and still lose weight — so don’t think you’ll be stuck at the same macros for ever. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself!

And for those of you just starting this journey — or who are currently struggling on the journey — I want to leave you with a little visual of what my journey looked like in between my “before & after” picture.

For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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