Good Luck on your 2200 mile retirement hike!

Cynergy CrossFit — functional fitness preparation

for a 2200 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail — for a retired couple!

Wishing Don and Jan Orcutt all the best as they embark upon their incredible journey! Here is their story……

Janeen and I will start February 20 from Springer Mountain Georgia and our objective is to complete a thru hike of the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail and summit Mount Katahdin in Maine. . While many finish in 5 or 6 months our objective is to experience everything the trail offers and to simply, complete the Trail. We figure, the day we finish, we will know how long it took us. We know we will be on trail 5-6 days a week and hiking at 80 – 100 mile weeks. We do know we need to get through the White Mountains and Maine before Autumn  weather makes it to risky for us.  The trail spans 14 States and takes about 500,000,000 steps but we are not planning on counting them! The total amount of elevation and descent we will have to cover is the equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest, 16 times. Sounds amazing! 

When we finally allowed our thoughts and dreams of hiking the Appalachian Trail to take life and direction it was only natural that we turned to our background in Crossfit, our experience at Cynergy and our Coach and friend, Cindy Brown.

Our plan is to use many of the Crossfit skills we have absorbed over the years and by that we don’t mean we will be doing double-unders on the trail, handstand pushups on summits or chest-to-branches along the way.  Instead the skills we will rely on are the far more important ones we have learned at CCF. They are persistence, patience, positivity and pacing.

We could have prepared for our AT thru hike in many ways but the reason we engaged with Cindy is we knew what Crossfit fostered most in us is what we describe as “mental toughness”.   Those who know us can attest we are not the most coordinated, graceful or gifted of athletes but one thing  CCF helped us develop is persistence trying something that was hard or which terrified us. Crossfit pushed both of us to attempt things so ridiculously far from our “comfort zone” and to attempt it with confidence and humor.  Crossfit also taught us to be patient. Nothing came “natural” for us. But with persistence and patience we reveled in doing things we never imagined.  Yes, I still remember the first day my chest  did….hit…the…bar  AND the day I actually got to record a real, for the record, Fran time.  Janeen just recently retired and on her last day she took the photo she had on her desk of  her 205 lb PR Deadlift! She kept it there not only to  show her students what persistence and patience can accomplish but to show than that when you try, you can achieve.

Positivity and Pacing are at the very core of long distance hiking and they are skills we learned and trained in at Crossfit. The biggest threats to a long trail hiker is not bears or injuries rather it succumbing to negativity, dealing with the daily struggles and pain. Crossfit loves the slogan “Embrace the Suck!”  while the refrain of the Appalachian Trail hiker is similar , “No Pain, No Maine!”

Pacing will be critical to the success of our hike.  Start out to fast and risk injury and burnout, get lulled into resting or excuses to stop and fail to get to New Hampshire and Maine before winter sends us home. I never climb up a long trail when I don’t hear Cindy’s voice in my ear. I first heard it on what I recall as  “the day of 150 Wall Balls”.  While I hugged my wall ball gassed, whining and defeated against I heard,  “take 3 breaths and go, you won’t feel any better after 5, find your pace and go!”. Every long climb I have hiked since that day  I  take 3 breaths, find my pace, and go! 

When we first came to CCF both Janeen and I  remember, most of all, the experience of being around positive people. We were NOT athletes or fitness fans in any way. But the positivity of the people we met was infectious. All different people trying to change their lives in all different positive ways willing to try new things. The list of “firsts” we have tried because of Crossfit is endless!!!!  And on February 20, 2018, atop the summit of Springer Mountain, Georgia we will add yet one more, first.

We hope all of you follow us and cheer us on as we take on this “wickedlonghike”. We are proud to be affiliated with Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research and certainly invite you to consider supporting the efforts of the Michael J. Fox Foundation by donating at where you will find us by searching “wickedlonghike’

We also will be vlogging our hike on YouTube and updating regularly on Facebook, both at “wickedlonghike”

Fondly, Don and Janeen Orcutt

 Trailnames –  “Plodalong and Grandma Shortie”

Photos from their training sessions at the lake house!  Functional fitness does not have to take place in the gym!
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Christian Burzycki ~ Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Christian for being recognized as CCF Athlete of the Month!

Christian began at Cynergy in 2014 when he was in 8th grade.  Since then he has been a regular member of the 5 a.m. group during his off-seasons of soccer and baseball.  Coaches and friends who workout alongside him would agree that Christian is one of a kind.  Words that come to mind when thinking of him are:  dedication, integrity, amicable, mature, hard-working, positive, leader, athletic, and humble…  He is an excellent baseball player, an honor roll student, and works hard in every aspect of his life.  Although he is a little bit younger than his fellow athletes (one being his dad) at 5 a.m., he fits right in and has a clever sense of humor about him, even at 5 a.m.!

Getting to know Christian…
What do you do for work?
I am currently a senior in high school at Rising Tide Charter School in Plymouth getting ready to graduate in June. I work as a deckhand on the Captain John Boats in Plymouth. I work from late spring, through the summer, and into the early fall on whale watch boats, fishing boats, and Provincetown passenger ferries. Throughout the summer I work about 60 hours a week, limiting my time in the box.


What would you like us to know about you and your family?
My family consists of my mom, dad, and older brother; we are all pretty tight. We all enjoy being on the water together and some of my best memories are of the bareboat sailing trips we have taken together in the Virgin Islands.


What is the one thing that we may not know about you?
In my younger baseball days, I was a power hitter with more than 20 home runs before I was 12. Now, I’m more of a contact hitter and bat first or second in the lineup. My job is to get on base and score runs!


How long have you been CrossFitting?
I have been CrossFitting on and off since the 8th grade. Because I play soccer and baseball in school, for the last couple of years, I have been CrossFitting in the fall as soccer ends, through the winter until baseball begins in the spring.


What time do you typically train?
I only train at 5am. I go with my Dad and the rest of the gang. They are all like family.


What is your favorite lift and why?
My favorite lift is a full squat snatch. It’s very challenging and has taken me a while to get it mostly right. I also like it because it’s hard work and seems to work your whole body. You need to earn it. I also believe it is also one of my best lifts in terms of technique and weight. It is a lift I had trouble with, but now have learned to do it correctly and can move the weight efficiently while working shoulders and legs.


What is your favorite WOD and why?
I don’t really have a favorite WOD. I really enjoy partner and team WODs, Death-By WODs, and any WOD where you work for fixed duration of time at a high effort. I enjoy the partner WODs because it allows you to push each other and everyone is held accountable to work their hardest to get the best score.


What are your current CF goals?
Ring muscle ups and double unders!!


What are your current life goals?
My current goal is to pursue a career in the Maritime Industry. I have already been accepted to the Marine Engineering program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, but I am hoping to earn an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy where I would study mechanical engineering. Still waiting to hear back, but it has been my most important goal for a while now.


What is your most memorable time as a CrossFitter?
Getting my first bar muscle up. Foundations with my brother and Jen Tully!


How has CF impacted your life outside of the box?
I feel that CrossFit has made me stronger, faster, and better prepared to compete in high school sports. I also think that doing CrossFit has made me tougher mentally, which has definitely come in handy and will serve me well in the future. CrossFit has also made my relationship with my Dad much stronger. Each morning he wakes me up to go to Cynergy and we ride together and work out next to each other and are always partners in WODs when we can be. It has really brought us together in and out of the box in a positive way because we are much closer and have a different kind of bond that other Father/Son duos may not have.


How would you best describe Cynergy to others?
Cynergy is a gym, but it’s also a place with a great sense of community. I have made a lot of friends since I started going on a regular basis. I am the youngest one at class every single day and ever since I started coming, everyone, athletes and coaches, have all been supportive. I love that we all help each other; some days I’m pushing others and some days others are pushing me. With that, I would say Cynergy is a very intense gym with a common drive and determination in all athletes to get better and push themselves and others everyday.
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Cynergy Kids’ Spotlight Athlete, Maeve!

Congratulations to Maeve for being selected as Cynergy Kids’ newest “Spotlight Athlete!”
Maeve is very deserving of this honor.  She has been a member of our kids’ program since November of 2016 and comes to each class with this big smile on her face, as pictured here.  She is consistently enthusiastic and helpful and her positive energy is contagious!
Maeve is hard-working, athletic, and has a friendly competitive manner about her.  She pushes herself to do her best and encourages peers to do the same.
If she could design her ideal WOD (Workout of the Day), it would involve pull-ups, rope climbing, and running.  These are her favorite movements and she’s a master at each!  After her ideal WOD, she would choose to end the class with a game of “Capture the Flag.”
Maeve reports that her favorite thing about Cynergy Kids’ class is that she has met a lot of nice kids who she now considers good friends and enjoys spending time with.  She said that she also loves the coaches who make it fun.  🙂
If you happen to see Maeve, give her a big high-five for being selected as our newest Spotlight Athlete in the Cynergy Kids’ program!  GO, MAEVE!!!!

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5 sets at High effort:
400m Run
*Sub 500m row or .5 mile bike
Rest 3x work time

Not for Time. Choose an option below:

Option A – 5 Sets of 50 Unbroken Repetitions
Option B – 5 Sets of 40 Unbroken Repetitions
Option C – 6 Sets of 30 Unbroken Repetitions
Option D – 6 Sets of 20 Unbroken Repetitions
Option E – 7 Sets of 10 Unbroken Repetitions
Option F – 8 Sets of :30s on, :30s off practice.

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