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Honoring Those That Serve

As we completed our WOD today we remember why we do it.

We push a little harder…

We suck it up because we can…

We do more then is expected…

AND we don’t quit!

Because there are those that can’t!

I want to recognize a special young man who did just that. He challenged himself with 95lbs. (a weight that is probably close to what he actually weighs). Not many IF any other athlete cleaned and squatted their own weight today. A Perfect set up, good form every time! A struggle no less. But he just kept moving.

I have never been so proud and honored to have coached Matt Russo tonight. His strength of character, hard work and determination was inspiring! My heart swells with pride!

Thank You Matt…You Honored all our fallen hero’s exquisitely. You should be proud!

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OLY Class Tonight

Class Tonight At 7!! If that Split Jerk needs some work come on in! Only way to get better is practice!
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OLY Class Tomorrow

Oly class tomorrow at 7! We are going to be going over the Split Jerk and proper foot positioning! So if you need help dropping under and committing to the split in the Split Jerk come on and for a little work!

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CF Conditioning 8.22


Strength:Every 90 seconds x 5

3 BB Deadlifts (+ 5-10 lbs from last week)

10 Triceps Pull Downs


Row Pyramid:

10 seconds ALL OUT Row

50 seconds rest

20 seconds ALL OUT Row

40 seconds rest

30 seconds ALL OUT Row

30 seconds rest

40 seconds ALL OUT Row

20 seconds rest

50 seconds ALL OUT Row

10 seconds rest

… Back down to 10 second Row


Cash Out:

10 Banded Face Pulls

30 second 6-inch leg raise


Don’t forget to spread the word about our Trial Week coming up from September 8th through the 13th!


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