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Upcoming Events

The 2017 Grinch Games & Re-Gift Yankee Swap
Saturday, December 23, 2017 | 8 to 9:30 AM
Open to ALL!

Teams of 4-6 athletes — chosen organically on the day of the event

6 Short WODs (Total WOD time is @ 35-40 Minutes)

WOD 1: Roast Beast
WOD 2: Cindy-Lou-Who
WOD 3: Whoville
WOD 4: YaHoo Boray!!
WOD 5: Max (the dog)
WOD 6: Sleigh Ride

Re-Gifting Grab

In the spirit of sharing and creating space in our homes and our hearts we want to have everyone bring a “gift” they already have and no longer need or use. The idea is not to spend any money on these gifts but re-purpose them to a new owner. It can be a gift you received that you do not use or need, it can be made with ingredients or materials you already have in your home.

Grinch Game Rules:

  • Each participant must bring a “gift” for the Re-Gifting Grab
  • These “gifts” cannot be purchased. They must be something that you already own that you no longer have a need for or you no longer used.
  • The “gift” must be wrapped in something that you already have. Old birthday wrapping paper, newspaper, brown paper bags that you decorate, etc… be creative here!
  • You can bring in as many “gifts” as you would like and place them in the big Re-Gift Box in the Athletes loft.
  • Do not put your name on them

Re-Gifting Grab Game will take place in between each WOD and will move quickly.

  • After each WOD the winning team* gets first pick of the box of gifts.
  • They will return to their team area and place their gifts aside unopened.
  • We will continue on to the next WOD and each winning team gets to pick from the gifts in the box OR pick one of the gifts from the other winning team.
  • If an athlete takes one of the gifts you have chosen, you get to go pick out another gift from the box. This will continue until each team has chosen their gifts.
  • The WODs continue until all teams have chosen from the gift box. Any remaining gifts will be distributed amongst the teams or donated.

*Once a team has won, they are no longer eligible to win again.

Then we will all rejoice in the moment as we open our gifts!

We will have coffee, mimosa’s and post WOD goodies too, so please feel free to bring anything you would like to eat and/or share!

Optional Donations

We will also have a couple boxes set up at the gym collecting for the food pantry… for humans and pets : )

NOTE: The gym will be closed on December 24 & 25th.

Cynergy Programs

All Levels Fitness

This class is great for… folks who are

  • interested in CrossFit but aren’t interested in the Olympic Lifts.
  • current Cynergy CrossFit members who want to get additional conditioning or want to do double sessions!
  • Cynergy Boot Campers who worked so hard this summer! Don’t let all of that hard work slip away, stay fit all year round!

This 60 minute class is now offered Tue & Thu @ 7:00 AM;  Sun @ 8 AM

This class is only $135 a month and you can start at any time! No Foundations training required!

Masters Wanted!  We want to encourage Masters to join our community, so we are happy to extend a 15% discount for members 50+ for only $115 a month.  No AARP card required!

Check it out for yourself and join us for a Free Trial. Sign up today!