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Cynergy Programs

All Levels Fitness

This class is great for… folks who are

  • interested in CrossFit but aren’t interested in the Olympic Lifts.
  • current Cynergy CrossFit members who want to get additional conditioning or want to do double sessions!
  • Cynergy Boot Campers who worked so hard this summer! Don’t let all of that hard work slip away, stay fit all year round!

This 60 minute class is now offered Tue & Thu @ 7:00 AM;  Sun @ 8 AM

This class is only $135 a month and you can start at any time! No Foundations training required!

Masters Wanted!  We want to encourage Masters to join our community, so we are happy to extend a 15% discount for members 50+ for only $115 a month.  No AARP card required!

Check it out for yourself and join us for a Free Trial. Sign up today!