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Use the form below to register for Cynergy CrossFit ‘s All Levels Fitness program.

Join us for FREE! — The first class is on us! We encourage you to try this for yourself. Just indicate that you are registering for the Free Trial.

If you have already completed this form and are ready to join, click here to download your Automatic Debit Payment form. Please bring the completed form and a voided check with you to your first class.

This class is a perfect starting place for those new to exercise and still challenging enough for those who have been working out for a while and just need to change things up a bit!

Masters (50+) receive a 15% discount, so if you are interested, please come in and try a class… the first one is FREE!

This is a community-based, circuit-style CrossFit workout designed to accommodate ALL levels of fitness. The primary focus is on conditioning and endurance through running, rowing, calisthenics, with the use of kettlebells, medicine balls, sleds, tires, and bodyweight movements.

Cynergy CrossFit All Levels Fitness is great for weight-loss, extra conditioning, or as an introduction to CrossFit class without complex Olympic lifts or high skill gymnastics.

This 60 minute class is offered in the mornings 3 days a week: Tuesday & Thursday @ 7 AM and Sunday 8 AM

Schedule is subject to change.

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We look forward to seeing you!