Celebrating 10 years of Kristin Gaynor

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years since a friend of mine suggested signing up for boot camp at Cynergy Training! Finding myself stuck in a mental and physical rut after my colligate basketball career came to an end, I was in need of a challenging team atmosphere that would get my competitive juices flowing. Although I was nervous to jump into something new, it turns out that contacting Cindy was one of the luckiest decisions I’ve made.

It is impossible to describe the immeasurable impact Cynergy has had on me, but a word that best summarizes my experience over the past 10 years is commitment.

Cindy, and the entire staff at Cynergy, has committed to creating an atmosphere and community that works. Whether focusing on setting goals (and sticking with them), nutrition, programming, competition or charity, Cynergy has proven its commitment to assist our special community with getting stronger and becoming healthier – in every sense of the words.

I cannot thank Cindy enough for her commitment over the past 10 years and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next 10 years!



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WOD MONDAY 10.16.17

1 set:
20 Front Squat @ 20X1 tempo
*add 5# from last week

4 sets:
2 Shoulder Press
-All sets @ high load, but no failures @ 85%+
-reduce weight if needed to completed required reps
Rest 1 minute between sets

AMRAP 15 -All about the grip
12 DB Lunge Step Backs 50/35 (12 total steps)
9 DB Clean and Jerks
3 Bar Muscle Ups (L2 Jumping Bar Muscle Ups)

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TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Gillian Riggs

Congratulations to Gillian Riggs on a very successful 12 weeks. One of Gillian’s biggest goals was to find relief from constant stomach problems. She was willing to try eliminating different foods from her diet and learned what foods work for her – and those that don’t!

On top of that, she made some incredible changes to her body composition! Looking good Gillian!

Physical Changes:

  • Lost 9.6 pounds
  • Lost 5.7% body fat
  • Gained 1.7% muscle
  • Lost 11 years body age

What was your expectation prior to starting the program?

I had a few goals when starting the program. I had just come back from visiting my in-laws in England when I started and I had gained some vacation weight which I wanted to lose. I also regularly get stomachaches after meals which I wanted to get control of.

Did we meet your expectations?

Yes. I definitely lost the weight I had put on. Through tracking my food and input from Dianne, I was able to identify which things were likely causing the stomachaches.

What are some of the most powerful lessons you are walking away with?

Tracking what you eat is not as challenging as it seems. This leads to more cognitive food choices and can help identify foods that are causing problems. It was especially helpful having to record how I felt every day. I was able to identify trends and figure out what foods were causing my problems. The last several weeks I didn’t have any stomach problems. This was especially apparent when I finished my 12 weeks; I had a celebratory meal of macaroni and cheese and it was a big mistake! My body had been telling me for years what I couldn’t handle but I wasn’t listening! Also, meal prepping makes life easier and it helps your wallet. I noticed that I was under my grocery budget while on this program.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Pain free the last several weeks of the program!

Thank you for this program! I learned a lot about nutrition. Tracking was well worth the initial difficulties given what I learned about what food sensitivities I have.

For more information, check out TCL Personalized Nutrition. And take our Free Health Assessment to see if this is right for you!

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