Congratulations to Chloe Head for being CCFKids Spotlight Athlete!
20140120_10300820131108_171714-1-1Chloe hand stand

  • Chloe has been a member of CCFKids since 2012.  Her favorite CF movement is cartwheels although her barbell work is pretty impressive as well!  She has come so far in the last two years with not only her fitness levels but also with her confidence and engagement.
  • Chloe is always supportive of fellow athletes and friends.  She is a great team player!  She offers high-fives and encouragement to others as they complete their W.O.D.’s together.
  • Chloe consistently challenges herself yet stands by younger athletes to support and encourage them.
  • Chloe ALWAYS has a positive attitude and is polite and kind to fellow athletes and coaches.

She is a role model who kids and adults should look up to.
Congratulations, Chloe!…and thank you for all that you give to CCFKids!