WOD 3.26.15


Cynergy CrossFit 3rd Annual Kids and Teens Competition April 12th.  Register Here


Skill Work:  Handstand Walks ( Wall Walks)


AMRAP 25 @ 75% Intensity at non stop sustainable pace

200m Run

15 No Jump Burpees

300m Row

2 Wall Walks (Or 15’ Handstand Walk)

3 x 15 DU (L2 15 DU Attempts)

15 GHD Hip Extensions


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Ready to CrossFit?


Next Foundations Class starts on Tuesday, March 31st!  Get started NOW!

It WILL change your life!  Register Here

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Happy Birthday Frankie!


A note from Frankie’s mom, Samantha Cuozzo:

I can not thank Jen and Aubrey enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Frankie had the most amazing birthday party. As a mom I loved watching him feel so confident, comfortable and happy. His friends loved it too, I heard them say it was awesome, amazing and a blast. Many mentioned they want their party here too.

We are definitely interested in our two boys doing the CrossFit Kids this summer. You guys rock! 

Samantha Cuozzo


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WOD 3.25.15


Honoring our friend Jimmy today…..we miss you big guy!


400m Run


3 Rounds:

15 Power Cleans 135/95 (L2 115/85), (L3 95/65)

20 Wall Balls 20/14


400m Run

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WOD 3.24.15

The Cynergistic Life

The Cynergistic Life starts April 12th.

30 Power Snatch 135/95 (L2 115/85), (L3 95/65)

Rest 5 minutes

2 sets:

25 Burpees to 6” OH target AFAHP

Rest 5 min between sets

Rest 5 minutes

5 rounds for time:

15 cal Rowing

50 UB DU’s (L2 50 DU), (L3 20 DU), (L4 15 Attempts)


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