WOD 5.2.16



1 Pause Hang Squat Clean

9 Rounds for time:

7 Squat Cleans 185/135 (L2 use 85% of above)

8 Burpee Box Jumps 36/32 (L2 Challenging height)

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WOD 4.30.16


Don’t get left out.. Cynergy Bootcamp starts next week May 3rd!

Schedule & Registration
Cynergy Summer Boot Camp participants meet Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:30 am for 60 minutes during the 4-week program.

NOTE:  Boot Camp training days will be held regardless of weather.  Rain or Shine!

Summer Boot Camp Season is May through August.


WOD 4.30.16

For time:

400m Run

25 KB Russian swing, right hand (1/.75)

25 KB Russian swing, left hand

400m Run

25 KB snatch, right hand

25 KB snatch, left

400m Run

25 KB clean & jerk, right hand

25 KB clean & jerk, left

400m Run

25 KB swing, two-handed

25 Goblet squats

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WOD 4.29.16


Shoulder Press  5-5-5

65%-75%-AMRAP 85%
Skill Work:  Pull Ups


Thrusters 95/65

Pull Ups

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WOD 4.28.16


Back Squat 5-5-5

65%-75%-AMRAP 85%
4 rounds

500m Row @ High Effort

Rest 1 Minute between rounds

Record each round and maintain your pace within +/- 5 seconds
3 sets:

1 Ring Dip with Max hold in the bottom of the dip

-rest as needed between sets

-record time for each set

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WOD 4.27.16


Bench 5-5-5

65%-75%-AMRAP 85%


:45 seconds work :15 seconds rest x 3

Waiters Walk Right Arm

Farmer Carry Left Arm

Box Jump step downs

Sled Push Walk no external loading

Waiters Walk Left Arm

Farmer Carry Right Arm

Box Jump step downs

Sled Push Walk no external loading

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