WOD 12.7.16


Crossover Symmetry


15 Minutes
-quickly build to a heavy Snatch single for the day


5/3 Ring Dips
*Wtd it possible


AMRAP 12 at 75% effort:
30 Russian KBS 2/1.5
15 GHD Sit Ups-do not break parallel
30 Second Bar Hang in hollow position
10 Handstand Shoulder Taps (L2 10 Plank Push Up Shoulder Taps)

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WOD 12.6.16







Crossover Symmetry


Odd:  Strict HSPU* Clusters 2.2.2 (L2 1.1.1), (L3 3 Strict Shoulder Press-high load)
*deficit for those who can do it
*rest 5-10 seconds between reps
Even:  C2B Pull Up Clusters 3.3.3 (L2 2.2.2), (L3 1.1.1)
*Assisted Squat Rack C2B Pull Ups for the same reps


Skill Work:  Double Unders
G.A.T.E.  Grip.Arms.Toes.Eyes


3 rounds each for time at High Effort of:
50 Double Unders (L2 25-Double Unders/Attempts) (L3 50-Single Unders)
35 KB Swings 1.5/1 (L2 1/.75)
Work:Rest 1:1

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WOD 12.5.16


Crossover Symmetry


1 Clean and Jerk
Min 1 and 2 @ 70% 1 RM
Min 3 and 4 @ 75%
Min 5 and 6 @ 80%
Min 7 and 8 at 85%
Min 9 and 10 at 90%


Back Squat @22X1- 4, 3, 3, 2
-All sets at High Load, really sit deep in the 2 second hold
-rest 1 minute between sets


12 burpees (L2 10), (L3 7)

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CCFKids Spotlight Athlete, Joey G!

Congratulations to Joey G. for being our next featured CrossFit Kids Spotlight Athlete!
Seven year old Joe has been a CrossFit Kid athlete at Cynergy since September.  He is a positive, kind, respectful kid who you can always see giving high-fives to fellow athletes during a workout.  Even at the young age of seven, he “gets it.”  Joe’s sportsmanship and camaraderie with peers is so much fun to watch.  It’s rare to see a young child with integrity, but Joe’s got that too!  He is the first to call himself out with a “no-rep,” saying, “Nope.  That didn’t count.  My chin didn’t go over the bar.”  And he keeps a positive attitude, smiling throughout!
Joe’s favorite movement is push-ups and he loves swinging on the rope.  Tarzan and Jane is his favorite CrossFit Kids game.
Keep up the good work, Joe!  You’re a kid who’s going places!  🙂

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WOD 12.3.16


Crossover Symmetry


8 sets at 100% ALL OUT EFFORT
40 seconds:
6 TnG Squat Cleans 115/85
AMRAP Row for distance in time remaining
Rest 4 min

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