CFKids Halloween

**There will be no CFKids class on Friday, 10/31**

BUT…That doesn’t get you off the hook, kids!  ;)

CFKids Homework ~

  • Sort your Halloween candy
  • Make a tally chart with the following info for # of reps of each:  (each piece = 1 rep)
    • Tootsie rolls = Squats
    • Reese’s (all varieties) = Burpees
    • Kit Kats = Broad Jumps
    • Whoppers = Sit-Ups
    • Hershey’s = Jumping Jacks
    • Nestle Crunch = Squat Thrusts
    • Butterfingers = Mountain Climbers
    • Nerds = 10 sec. Plank Hold
    • Almond joys/Mounds = Push-Ups
    • Lollipops = 10 ft. Bear Crawl
    • Other = Cartwheels

Also…There’s a TWIST!  For each good food choice you make on Halloween, your coach(es) will do 2 burpees on Monday.  So that means if each of you makes 6 good food choices and there are 8 kids in class, 6×8=48 so multiply that by 2 and coaches would have to do 96 burpees each!  List and be ready to discuss good food choices, as we’ve focused on this week.

Have FUN with this and SEND PICS of candy piles, tally charts with # of reps, and pics of you doing the WOD to!  We can’t wait to see photos!

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CFKids WOD 10.24.14

Warm-Up:  Freeze Tag

Discussion:  Nutrition ~ What is your favorite HEALTHY after-school snack?

Skill:  Push Press ~ Oompah Loompah dip and drive!

W.O.D. ~ AMRAP 8:

  • 6 Push Press (unloaded/15#)
  • 6 Box Jumps (12″/20″)
  • 6 Burpees


Game ~ Sharks & Seaweed AND Crab Soccer!

LOVE the positive high energy on the floor this week, kids!  Keep up the GREAT work!

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WOD 10.25.14


Rob and Artie



3 TnG Power Snatch

build to a moderate triple


B.  7 Rounds:

8 UB Power snatches (choose a weight that allows TnG PS)

*Rest 15 seconds

10 UB box jump overs

*Rest 60 seconds


Cash Out

1 Max Effort Bar Hang

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WOD 10.24.14


8th Annual First Responders Challenge 

A. EMOM 10

Odd:  8 DL @ 2020 tempo (Moderate Loading-Clean Grip)

Even: AMRAP DH Pull Ups ( these do not necessarily have to be UB just work the full minute or until failure)


B. For time:

100 Wall Balls (20/14)

*compare to 9/19


Cash Out:

4 Alt Hanging Hip Taps x 3

rest as needed in between

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WOD 10.23.14




3 sets:

8 Hang Squat Clean Thruster @ Moderate loading (these are not for time, but for technique)

2 Min Run/Row @ 90%

Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 5 Minutes


3 sets:

6 Snatch Balance  @ X5X1 tempo @ Moderate loading

*really stress the FAST drop and the 5 count hold at full depth here

2 Min Double Unders (L2 Fast Single Unders)

Rest 2 Minutes


Rest 5 Minutes



UB C2B (L2 Pull Ups), (L3 Self Assisted Pull Ups)

UB HSPU (L2 High Pike off Box), (L3 10 sec HS hold)

UB Push Ups


Cash Out:

30:30 x 4

Widest Grip Possible Bar Hang

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