CFKids Competition Tomorrow Night!

We would like to wish our CCFKids athletes, Erik, Cam, Bobby, Grace, and Meghan the best of luck tomorrow as they head to Wareham for a fun & friendly CFKids Competition with Seaside CFK and 508 Kids!

We would LOVE a cheering squad if anyone wants to come watch these kids in action!
We are meeting at CCF tomorrow (Friday) at 4:45 p.m. and heading to Seaside CF (10 Kendrick Rd., #1, Wareham) at 5:00.  The competition starts at 6:00 sharp.  GO, KIDS!!  :D

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Welcome Caroline!


Please help me Welcome Caroline Roche!

Caroline finished up her Foundations last night and is ready to jump into the group classes!  Keep an eye out for her and introduce yourself when you see her!  Looking forward to having you in our group classes Caroline!!

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WOD 2.27.15


Mike and Andrew

3 sets of 10

Alternating Pistols  (5/5)

*weighted if possible

rest 1 minute




AMRAP 15 at 75% Intensity

500m Row (Damper 3 22 S/M)

5/7 Ring Push Ups (L2 Push Ups)

12 Alt 1 Arm DB Snatch 50/25 (L2 Scale accordingly)

15 Double Unders (L2 DU Attempts)

4 Alternating Pistols (2/2)


Tabata Hollow Rocks

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WOD 2.25.14


Dennis Baker

Every 2 minutes for 3 sets:

10 DL @ 50% 1 RM @ 20X1 tempo



3 Shoulder Press (High or 70% 1 RM)-taken from floor

25 Double Unders (L2 DU Attempts)

5/7 C2B Pull Ups (L2 Pull Ups) (L3 Assisted C2B)

25 Double Unders


3 x 15

GHD Sit Ups

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WOD 2.24.15



The CrossFit Open starts this week!  Please register at:

The Opens is for teens (14+), Rx, Scaled and Masters catagories.  Sign up and look for our affiliate, Cynergy.

We will be doing the Open WODs in all classes on Fridays and on Sundays for the next 5 weeks!  A great way to test your fitness and compete in a worldwide competition!

10 sets @ High Effort: (L2-reduce number of sets or 30 MIn Max)

10 Calorie Row

25 Double Unders (25 FAST singles)

10 KBS 2/1.5 (L2 1/5/1)

25 Double Unders

10 Calorie Row

Rest 2 minutes between sets

*Maintain same pace throughout


Waiters Walk

3 sets with 1 or .75 KB

50’ Right

50’ Left

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