How Much Sugar do you Drink?

Sugar is not only in most processed food it’s also in many of the beverages, including the “healthy” ones, that we drink daily.

Check out this link.   You may be surprised at how much sugar you are drinking!

via How Much Sugar in Sodas and Beverages?.

Good Luck Masters!


Go Old People Go!

Good Luck to all of the Masters competing Worldwide this weekend for the top 20 spots!

I am extremely fortunate to be participating in these events this weekend along with my fellow Masters, Carol (B) Wadsworth, Amber Doherty and John Llewellyn.   These athletes have all earned their spot among the best in the world and I could not be prouder of their efforts.

Let’s do this!

WOD 4.18.14



3 sets:

A1.   Bench Press Cluster 2.2.2

Rest 1 minute

A2.  1 Arm Row x 6 R/ L

Rest 1 minute



50m OH Walking Lunge (45/25), (L2 25/15)

50 Sled Push Walk -No running here (180/135)


C.  Tabata Plank

CF Conditioning 4.17



EMOM 10:

Odd: 5 BB Bench Press

Even: 5 BB Deadlifts


Tabata Mash Ups:

Band Pull Aparts

Tricep Pull Downs

Endurance Running

Endurance Running WOD 4.17.2014

Warm up & Mobility

A. 2 x 200 m Jog

B. Timed 800 m run

rest 5 minutes

Timed 800 m Run

Maintaining consistent pace.

C. 3 sets of

10 GHD Sit-ups

10 GHD Hip Extensions.

Nice work everyone. Your times are getting better and more consistent!