Day 1 Sugar Free

Day 1 – Cabinets and fridge should be cleaned out of all foods and drinks containing sugar and/or sugar alternatives.    Check the labels.   There are many sneaky ways of hiding sugar.

The goal of this detox is to correct your blood sugar levels.   The more sugar you eat, the more your body craves it so just limiting sugar won’t do the trick – and fruit is sugar!  You have to cut it out completely to stop the addictive cycle.   Your cravings for sugar will disappear and your energy levels will go up.    You may be surprised to find at the end of the 21 days that you no longer “need” all the fruit you were once eating.

This is not a diet!    If you are hungry, eat.    Don’t be afraid of fats!     This is a great recipe to keep you from being hungry.  sweet potato casserole      Plan and prepare – keys to success.

Add your name to the white board and start checking off your sugar free days.   Not ready to start today?   Start tomorrow.   Start Wednesday.     Just start!    You’ll be glad you did.

WOD 4.21.14


The Chief in WOD 1 Master’s Qualifier, Max Clean

A.  EMOM 5

2 Hang Squat Snatch

*slowly build each set ending with a moderate weight

*focus on fast drop under the bar


B.  1 Snatch (Full Squat) every 30 seconds for 10 MIn

*moderate loading


C.  EMOM 10

Odd:  15 KBS (2/1.5), (L2 1.5/1), (L3 1/.75)

Even:  10 Burpees AFAHP

WOD 4.19.14



AMRAP 30 Alt with Partner

5 Tire Flips x 4

100m Farmers Carry x 4 (2/1.5)

10 Slam Balls x 4

1 Rope Climb x 2 (L2 5 Pull Ups x 4)

3 Stone to Shoulder x 4


*athletes will go back and forth 4 x in each movement before going on to the next.


How Much Sugar do you Drink?

Sugar is not only in most processed food it’s also in many of the beverages, including the “healthy” ones, that we drink daily.

Check out this link.   You may be surprised at how much sugar you are drinking!

via How Much Sugar in Sodas and Beverages?.

Good Luck Masters!


Go Old People Go!

Good Luck to all of the Masters competing Worldwide this weekend for the top 20 spots!

I am extremely fortunate to be participating in these events this weekend along with my fellow Masters, Carol (B) Wadsworth, Amber Doherty and John Llewellyn.   These athletes have all earned their spot among the best in the world and I could not be prouder of their efforts.

Let’s do this!