WOD 9.18.14


LAST Day to Register for the WOD 4 Paws!

3 sets:

8 Clean High Pulls (no time component here, but work @ high effort in good form)

2 Min Row at 90% effort

Rest 2 Min


Rest 5


3 sets:

8 Back Squats @ 22X1 tempo 50% 1 RM

2 Min Double Unders (L2 Fast Single unders as this is not about learning a skill but about constant movement)

Rest 2 Min


Rest 5



Odd:  1-3 Strict HSPU

Even:  1-3 Strict Ring Dips/Eccentric Dips (Wtd if possible)


Cash Out:

Accumulate 4 Min Bar Hang (Full Grip)


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WOD 9.17.14


Hanson Youth Football Conditioning Practice.  The boys are 2-0 for the season!

A.  Skill Work: Bridge-Ups (3 minutes of practice)



B.  EMOM 10

Odd:  Pistols – 4 Alt each leg w/2 sec pause at absolute bottom

Even: 1 OHS + 3 Sotts Press x 3 sets in that one minute


C.  Skill Work:  Pose Running

Pose – Hold for 30 seconds each leg

Fall – With a partner

·         3 Falls – Both feet on ground – knees bent –Switch positions.

·         3 Falls – Stand in Pose and increase distance away from partner each fall.

Pull – 10 pulls each leg

D.  5 x 50m run (in good POSE form, not for time)

30 seconds rest


Cash Out:

30:30 x 4

Front Stationary Swing

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WOD 9.16.14


5 AM working their Grip!

A.  20 Front Squats @ 20X1 Tempo x 1 set

*we will be building upon this number for the next 6 weeks.

*this should be @ 50% 1 RM and should be an UB tempo

B.  3 x

3 Push Press @ High Load

Rest 1 minute


C.  AMRAP 10

3/5 Pull Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans (95/65), (L2 85/55), (L3 75/55)

100m Farmers Carry (1.5/1), (L2 1/.75), (L3 DB)


Cash Out:

30:30 x 4

Side to Side Stationary Swing

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Eating to Recover: How and What to Eat Post Workout | Breaking Muscle


gym training

For years the most important meal of the day has been said to be breakfast, but I believe that to be wrong. I suspect most of the readers here could agree that with all the effort you put into your training that your post-workout nutrition just may be more important to you than breakfast. In fact, I believe your post-workout meal is one of the most important meals you can have all day.

The reason I believe this is because in a hard workout, you can use up all your stored glycogen, easily sweat over two liters of water, and break down both muscle and red blood cells. This is why what you as an athlete consume in the minutes and hours after your training or competition is so crucial to both performance and recovery. This week I will look at nutrition recovery and explain it’s importance and the best ways to use it to maximize your results.

Recovery is defined in the Webster dictionary as “the act of regaining or returning toward a normal or healthy state.” In recovery nutrition the foods we choose to consume have been shown to positively affect recovery and an athlete’s future performance.

The Goals and Timeframe of Post Exercise Nutrition

“Recovery” covers a range of processes that include:

  1. Replenishing the muscle and liver glycogen stores
  2. Consuming protein to assist with muscle repair
  3. Restoring fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat
  4. Supporting the immune system to handle the damage

Read More:  via Eating to Recover: How and What to Eat Post Workout | Breaking Muscle.

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WOD 9.15.14


Please help me Welcome Sean, Layla and Dennis to Cynergy CrossFit!  All have successfully completed their Foundations Classes and will be joining the group classes this week!  Make sure to introduce yourselves to them when you see them!  Excited to have you guys here!!

A.  EMOM 15

1 (Squat) Snatch

*slowly build to a tough single


B.  21-15-9 at High effort

Hang Power Snatch (95/65), (L2 85/55), (L3 75/55)

Lateral BB Burpees


Cash Out:

Hanging Challenge

30:30 x 2  (ALL FULL GRIP)

Bar Hang (Passive Shoulders)

Scapular Raises with 3 second hold at top

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