July Challenge


Squat Challenge!

Tomorrow starts the 30 day squat challenge.  We are aiming for 30,000 squats in 30 days.


Week 1 – 80 squats/day.   Squats in daily wod/warmup count!  If you get the urge you can always do more.

Week 2- 70 squats/day.

Week 3 – 60 squats/day

Week 4 – 50 squats/day

Random challenges will be added during the month to help us hit the 30,000.

Log your squats every day here.   If you don’t see your name – add it yourself or let us know and we can add it for you!

Squats can by done anywhere by everyone!  So vacation is not an excuse!

Happy squatting!


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WOD 6.30.16

kids summer camp

CrossFit Kids Summer Camp starts next week – July 5th!   Register today!


Shoulder Press

Warm Up Sets:

5 @ 30%

5 @ 40%

3 @ 50%

Working Sets:

3 @ 70%

3 @ 80%

AMRAP @ 90%
Breaking down the movements

:10:20 x 6

-complete each movement or sets of movements in the 10 second time frame, rest 20 seconds
Level 1

3 [Kipping Swing]

2 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press down + Hip to Bar]

1 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press Down + Hip to Bar + Bar Muscle Up]
Level 2

3 [Kipping Swing]

2 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press down]

1 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press down + Chest 2 Bar]
Level 3

3 [Kipping Swing]

2 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press down]

1 [Kipp + Straight Arm Press down + Chin Over Bar]



Min 1:  10 Burpees

Min 2:  15 KBS 2/1.5

Min 3:  10 Box Jumps

Min 4:  Rest

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We often neglect the cheapest and easiest ways to improve our health:  movement and exercise.  Movement is essential to life in so many ways; think of it as medicine with no side effects!

Did you know that exercise…

  • cures chronic conditions
  • lowers blood pressure and controls blood sugar
  • relieves pain and reduces stress
  • controls weight and benefits the heart
  • enhances the immune system and improves sleep
  • improves bone strength and slows the aging process

In addition to these physical benefits, what most people do not realize is that exercise benefits the brain even before it benefits the body. The brain does not store or even produce it’s own fuel; instead, the brain relies on the body to get it’s needed fuel – oxygen and glucose – to the brain.  The healthier and more physically fit the body is, the better the brain functions.  Exercise puts the brain and body into balance naturally by regulating brain chemicals that control mood and responses to stress.  The brain is only as healthy as the body that carries it.

It does not matter how old you are or what shape you are in, you WILL benefit your body and mind by simply increasing your activity level.  Do whatever it takes and make it a priority in your daily life…..your body will reward you for it!

As a wise 5 am’er said to me this morning “I always regret not getting up and going – I never regret going.”

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WOD 6.29.16

photo cred: CrossFit Takeoff and Rx Photography


1 Snatch (Squat)


2 Min @ 65%

2 Min @ 70%

2 Min @ 75%

2 Min @ 80%

2 Min @ 85%

5 Rounds for time:

15 OHS 95/65

400m Run

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“You eat very simple”


Meeting with a client over the weekend, she mentioned she was looking at my MyFitnessPal log for ideas and made the comment “you eat very simple”.   She noticed the same thing about Cindy’s food log.

There is a notion out there that eating paleo or eating clean has to be elaborate and difficult. That is far from the truth.

All you need is some basic ingredients and a little knowledge and you can eat simple too.  No need for fancy recipes and hours spent preparing foods.  Simple meals consisting of protein (chicken, fish, meat), some carbs (veggies, rice, sweet potato) and a little fat (butter, coconut oil, olive oil) are easily put together – add some spices and herbs to your liking and you are done.   Cooking meats and veggies ahead of time makes meal time less stressful – and keeps you eating healthy.  It’s that simple!

TCL Personalized Nutrition






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