Watch Ryan at The Poinsettia Bowl


Watch Cynergy CF athlete Ryan MacDonald referee his first bowl game!

Way to go Ryan!!  We are so proud of this incredible accomplishment!  We will be watching!

Navy Midshipmen v. San Diego State University Aztecs

Tuesday, December 23, 9:30 PM on ESPN

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California



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WOD 12.18.14



  1. 5 push ups, 5 russian KBS (2/1.5), 20 double unders (L2 1.5/1 KBS and 40 SU)

  2. Toes to Bar (L2 K2E), (L3 Hanging Knee Raises)

  3. 5 broad jumps, 5 squats, 1 rope climb (L2 Rope pulls from floor)

  4. 20 sec L-Sit on rings/GHD , 2 shuttle runs (Use long part of the mat-Up and Back)

  5. Box Jump step down 24/20 (L2 20/12)

Rest 3 minutes between stations*

*L1- During your 3 min rest you must establish either a 300m row or a 200m run.

*L2-Active recovery 3 minutes


Cash Out:  Crossover Sled Pulls

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WOD 12.17.14

6 AM9am

6 AM and 9 AM warming up…

EMOM 12 min:

2 TnG power snatch- build to a 2rm


1 ¼ Seated DB Press: 5,5,4,3,2 (all heavy)

*rest 1 minute between sets

AMRAP in 10 min at 80% effort:

250m Row (Damper 3- 25 S/M)

200m Run


Cash Out:  Sandbag rotational Lunges

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The results of training and competing


Athlete Jen DuPont shares her experience with the Spartan Race….

Basically, I don’t think we could have been better prepared for the Spartan, the obstacles were very similar, if not the same, to a lot of the exercises we do in class.

I think the moment when I realized how very well conditioned we were for this race was when we were doing bear crawls up the ramps of Fenway. After getting up the first few ramps, I noticed that there were other racers stopping in the middle of the ramp to catch their breaths, but all of us just kept going and pushing, it was really great.

The knowledge that we have gained from class about proper techniques was really critical for this race too, especially when it came to the stone carry, slam balls, and all the running we did with added weight (jugs of water, sand bags, etc).
I think the most important thing that got us through this race was teamwork. We all helped eachother and encouraged and pushed eachother, which is what we do in class, and I think it really made a huge impact on our performance.
Jen DuPont
Congratulations Jen!  Another great example of working hard and seeing the benefits!  Well done!
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Community Network Profile: Nick Frazier


Nicholas Frazier

Annual Fundraising Manager  for the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston

Catholic Charities of Boston is a nonprofit which has existed for over 100 years with a mission of serving the poor and working poor. Serving the eastern coast of Massachusetts, Catholic Charities provides programs spanning from child care to elder assistance with many programs in between.


Nick and Mayor Walsh

I create and manage annual fundraising campaigns for Catholic Charities. Campaigns can mean anything from food drives at local schools and parishes to major fundraising events that bring our major donors together to discuss our mission. I analyze and assess giving trends for the agency and target demographics most likely to help our mission. My favorite part of my job is getting to represent the agency at the Boston Marathon and the Rodman Ride for Kids. I get to represent all the athletes that our agency sponsors.

Contact Information: / (781) 888-0265

I typically work out at CCF: 6 / 6:30 PM

I coach the evening CF Conditioning classes as well.
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