TCL Personalized Nutrition Success Story: Alannah Vargus

Congratulations to Alannah Vargus for an amazing transformation after 18 weeks of TCL Personalized Nutrition.  Alannah has had numerous PR’s in those 18 weeks, recently competed in the scaled team division at Wodapolooza in Miami and has developed a healthier relationship with food. She is now gearing up for the CrossFit Opens beginning in February. Fantastic work Alannah!

From Alannah:

Starting this program I knew right off the bat I would need to be mentally ready for it. This isn’t a diet program – it’s a change in your life style and a change from bad habits over to good. Honestly it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and worth every ounce of struggle. Not just for my clothes fitting better but I’ve made PRs and gotten all around better at CrossFit in what feels like record time! Of course there are slip ups. I have my days where all I want to do is eat all the candy I can find. But with the help of Dianne she helped me realize that I’m human – I’m going to falter – you can’t be perfect all the time. But that you don’t need to turn a bad day into a bad week -you get right back in the saddle and continue.

This program has made it so I can live life better and have a better relationship with food and myself. I can’t say enough good things about it!

Click here for more information about the 12 Week Personalized Nutrition Program.

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WOD Monday 1.23.17

6 sets:
3-5 Close Grip Bench Press @ 52X1 Tempo (tough)
AMRAP UB Strict Ring Rows @ 20X1 tempo

For quality effort, not time:
25 Burpees @ high effort
Accumulate a 90 second BB Front Squat Hold 95/65
20 Burpees @ high effort
Accumulate a 90 second BB hold OH 95/65
15 Burpees @ high effort
Accumulate a 90 second Bar Hang
10 Burpees @ high effort
Accumulate a 90 second Handstand Hold
5 Burpees @ high effort
Rest @ 2 Minutes
25 Burpees AFAHP for time

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WOD 1.21.17

For time:
100 Wall Balls 20/14
100 KBS – 1.5/1
*Perform 5 burpees every time you fraction/break

Sets of 35 UB Double Unders (L2 Sets of 15 Double Unders), (L3 AMRAP Double Unders)

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WOD 1.20.17

1 set:
20 Back Squats @ 20X1 temp
*40% 1 RM or moderate loading
*record weight used

Skill Work: Muscle Ups

Odd: 1-2 Muscle Ups (L2- Low ring Muscle Up transitions), (L3 2-3 False Grip Pull Ups)
Even: 5 Push Press @ 75% 1 RM (High loading)

25” Handstand Walk (L2 1 Wall Walk), (L3 10 Plank Shoulder Taps)
7/5 Ring Dips (L2 Feet Assisted Dips), (L3 GHD Handles)
7/5T2B (L2 K2E), (L3 Hanging Knee Raises)

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WOD 1.19.17

12 Minutes:
Build to a tough Thruster double – not a max
*Bar taken from the rack

Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups

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